Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a wedding to remember

This past weekend (yes, I am actually posting about something that happened mere days ago), we celebrated the addition of a new family member.  No, I did not give birth to ANOTHER child, my brother-in-law got married!  Which means that after 12 years, I finally get to share the title of daughter/sister-in-law with someone else.  Sweet!  We all love Candice and are so happy to have her as part of our family. 
These four boys have a lot of fun together.  I cringe thinking of the trouble they will cause as they get older, wiser, and braver.

Maya had the honor of being the flower girl on the big day.

Her personal hair stylist slaved over her hair and subsequently used half a can of hairspray on it to attempt to keep it in place.  Apparently it does the job a little too well as it was a bit of a challenge to get the braids out without ripping the hair right out of her sweet little head.

7 siblings. 1 mom.  1 bride.  You be the judge.  Yes, I know that didn't make sense, it just felt right.

Elliot kept trying to sneak into the pictures so I took a few of him to make him happy.  It totally worked.

Luke could hardly believe his good fortune...he got to sit next to the prettiest girl of the day! 

Maya wanted her picture taken with her new new auntie, but of course had to play the shy card.

This is where the other half of the can of hairspray wound up.  These braids were even more difficult to get out on account of this child has the pain tolerance of a turtle.  (Again, I know it didn't make sense, it just felt right.)

This sweet couple is getting married in a couple of months.  Because that's just what I need.  Another brother-in-law.  (Just kidding Zach, you know we all love you!)

I guess he was trying to imitate the shark on his shirt? 

Aww, aren't they just the sweetest couple?

There is nothing wrong with a wedding at which it is acceptable for the guests to run around barefoot.  

Yep.  That about sums it up.

Fun times were had by all.

Friday, June 8, 2012

how time flies {a bloggy recap}

My email inbox has been flooded with requests from my readers to update my blog (or not, but whatever) so I finally decided I'd better get to it.  We've had a very busy few months around here.  I'm not ambitious enough to do a full post on everything, so here's a short little recap.  You're welcome.
Various methods of deterring my two very destructive little boys from tearing appart the track on their train table have failed miserably.  As a result, I have become quite proficient at putting it back together (not as easy as you might think).  

Ethan had a birthday.  He chose a Tron cake from the bakery rather than have me make him a cake.  He's never seen the movie and really doesn't have any idea what it's about, but he liked the toy on the cake.  And everybody at the party loved their black teeth after eating it.
My baby had a birthday, too.  I keep asking him to please stop growing up.  He's not listening.

We had a  big 'ole Christmas treat baking and decorating party.  There were scandalous amounts of sugar involved, but all in all it was a success.

Elliot turned four.  His obsession at the time was with candy canes, so I went with that and we had a Candy Cane Craze birthday party complete with a candy cane cake.  Silly boy doesn't even like cake.  But he is a big fan of the frosting. 

Brenna had her first violin recital.  She was very nervous even though she played only for us and her violin teacher's family (who happen to be our very good friends).  She did great though!

Shortly after her recital, she turned ELEVEN.  I hid in the closet and rocked back and forth sucking my thumb most of the day.

We had a few very unseasonably warm days this winter.  Wyatt found this to be an excellent time to go outside shirtless and practice his martial arts skills.

The kids helped their dad with a project.  More to come on that later.  Maybe.

Maya had a birthday, too.  Yes, our kids' birthdays fall in November, December, January, February, and April (1).  Basically one a month for 5 months.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a great picture of her with her cake.

We ate ice cream cones.

They were pretty tasty.

I made cake pops for the bands and volunteers at Livestock.
Maya performed in her 6th ballet, La Sylphide.  She was a Scottish Plaid.  It was a very long weekend with dress rehearsal on Friday and two performances on Saturday AND Sunday.  She hung in there and danced like a pro.  It's so much fun to see how much she's progressed since she was a Strawberry Tart in her first show, Alice in Wonderland.  I volunteered to help backstage for all but one show.  I still feel like I'm covered with a film of hairspray.

After the last show we were about ready to collapse, but not before we had our picture taken together.  When we were done with clean up, we celebrated by going out for ice cream and going to bed early.