Monday, June 6, 2011

a big umbrella

We came home from, well, wherever it is we were one evening, and the sun was in just the right place in the sky for taking some great backlit photos. "Wouldn't it be adorable," I thought, "to get some pictures of Elliot with the giant rainbow umbrella?"
Adorable indeed. What I got was this.
A look of consternation (not to be confused with constipation which I can tell you with 100% certainty is NOT a condition he is afflicted with)....
...and annoyance.
After that brief and unsuccessful shoot, the other kids decided they wanted to have THEIR pictures taken with the umbrella.
Which at the very least yielded a smile or two.

And THEN I thought it would be fun to take some jumping pictures with the umbrella. So I grabbed Ethan and proceeded to do just that. Unfortunately, there were no jumping apparatuses in the setting sun so we had to go to the shady side of the yard.

Brenna wanted in on the action, too, so I shot a couple of her. And then I realized that even though it was still light outside, it was, in fact, past bedtime on a school night, so we called it a night and went inside.

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