Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Me! Monday

It's time for Not Me! Monday over at MckMama's Blog! This week, one lucky participant will win a spot in her first ever online photography workshop. Giddy up! Not Me! Monday's is all about sharing your less-than-perfect moments of the past week, all while stating that these are things that you "did not" do.

This week, I did not start getting sweaty palms and heart palpitations just thinking about the fact that I had to go in to the dentist to get some cavities filled.

Finding myself unable to procure child care for Wyatt, I did not just strap him into his stroller and bring him with me to the 90 minute appointment. At no time during said appointment did he practice his Houdini skills by getting himself out of his straps and climbing out of the stroller.

I did not keep my eyes closed tight and squeeze my hands together for the entire appointment. My fears were not founded as they certainly did not have to give me novocaine three times during the procedure.

There is no way that I was so traumatized by the appointment that upon arriving back at home I fed my boys some lunch and promptly climbed into my bed to take a nap.

I am not stressing already about the appointment I have scheduled for next week to fill more cavities.

Not me!!

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