Tuesday, December 6, 2011

better late than never {halloween 2011}

Here in this Siberian Wasteland we call home, the ground is covered in a blanket of snow that appears to be planning on sticking around for awhile. Given that fact, I figured that perhaps it was time for me to post some Halloween photos before my fingers literally freeze and fall off for the winter.
Elliot was a super-hero this year. He was also a super-hero last year. And it's highly likely that he will also be super-hero next year. I'm just so inspired like that.
Maya decided she wanted to be a flamingo this year. That one stumped me a bit. I found a few ideas online, but the best ones were all rather complicated so this is what I came up with. She made the decision to wear her vest under her shirt on her own.
Brenna decided she wanted to be an Indian Princess. When I went to the store to find her costume, they didn't have it in her size. So what did I decide to do? Why, I decided to make her costume of course! I own stock in procrastination (hello, it took me over a month to put this post together), so I hadn't gone to look for a costume for her until the day before a Halloween party she was going to. Which meant I had less than 24 hours to get it done. Thankfully, I happen to work well under pressure.
Wyatt was not really a huge fan of putting on his costume. However, all of the kids since Maya have been Grumpy Bear at this age so he was going to wear it whether he liked it or not. Once he realized people were going to put candy in his bucket he forgot all about his attire.
You may notice that there are only four kids in this picture. That's because Ethan managed to have his Trick-or-Treating fun taken away from him. In our house, Trick-or-Treating is a privilege, not a right. Ethan made the choice to be rude and disrespectful even after being warned that he wouldn't get to go if he continued his behavior. Thusly he stayed home with Aaron while the rest of us went out.
This was our door-bell ringing crew. It was unseasonably warm on Halloween night this year. There were so many kids out in costumes that weren't hidden under bulky winter coats that it almost felt like we were in a movie.
Poor Wyatt had a hard time keeping up with the big kids. He tried to, but his little legs are just so, well, little.
It cracks me up that Elliot not only wore his mask, he actually liked it. I did not expect him to like it at all.
He was very protective of his candy.

This was the last picture of the night for two reasons. #1: The sun was going down. It's hard to take pictures in the dark. #2: Elliot's bucket wasn't big enough for all of his candy. I dumped it in to his sister's bag to make room for more. He did not like that idea and decided to shut-down. Hence I had to carry him the rest of the way. And we still had a long way to go. My arms were quite fatigued by the time we got back. All in all though, it was a very lovely and memorable evening.

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