Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sheep {cake pops}

I've made quite a few cake pops in the last year. But these guys are definitely the cutest ones yet.
I found the idea in the book Cake Pops by Bakerella.
I did have to change up the decorations a little bit. I used Junior Mints instead of licorice buttons (because eww) for the faces and mini chocolate chips instead of brown rainbow chips for the ears (because where the heck does one find rainbow chips anyway?). I also couldn't find any heart shaped sprinkles so I made the noses by removing three petals off of flower sprinkles. And I skipped the legs altogether.
The instructions called for an unspecified amount of sugar pearls. After making the sheep, I think I know why there was no amount listed. My one bottle only covered 15 sheep. And sugar pearls? Are not exactly cheap.
With no sugar pearls left and about 30 cake balls remaining, I did what anybody would do in such a situation. I made a single black sheep (thanks to my dear friend A who had that brilliant idea), got out some pink candy melts and made a few pigs, and then turned the whole operation over to my 10-year while I sipped on some happy juice. Okay, fine, it was water.
Adorable and tasty.


  1. What cute little sheep pops you have!

  2. Do you sleep? I need the name of your dealer cuz I want some of what you're on. Holy cats woman. And you're really gettin' some serious skillz! Both in cake decor and photog.

  3. These are stinkin' adorable! You are so talented!