Saturday, April 9, 2011

riding in fire trucks

One of the perks of living across the street from a daycare, other than an extra set of eyes to spot your toddler darting across the street straight into oncoming traffic, is getting in on some fun things they organize for their kids. Such as having fire fighters bring a real live fire engine to the front door. And not even to put out a fire.

My oldest girl is a great helper with her younger siblings. She is also has a cute little bottom that I'm sure she will someday thank me for posting on the internet. You're welcome.

As exciting as it is to see a big red engine go cruising past with lights flashing and sirens blaring, Elliot isn't quite so sure he's fond of being inside a truck possessing such great super powers.
These awesome fire fighters turned on the fire hydrant for the kids. And as cool as it was to watch hundreds (thousands?) of gallons of water gush onto the street...

...the real fun was yet to come. Because in our neighborhood when there's an overabundance of water, it all runs down the street and forms a great big puddle...
...where there is all kinds of splashing to be had.

The end.


  1. Cute post. Lots of new good ones.

    Currently, I am watching out the window as my kids splash away in the great lakes that cover the part after last nights rain storm. I'm guessing the mud boots are pointless as there's probably just as much in as out. Kids! Where there's water, there's splashing.