Friday, March 25, 2011

catching up {13.1}

Last summer Aaron and I went up to The Big City with our friends D & A so that the husbands could run in a half-marathon. The Big Race started fairly early, so we packed up our babies and went up the day before the race to stay in a hotel. Being the generous wives we are, A and I let our husbands
take us to our favorite fondue place so they could fuel up the night before their run. I neglected to get any pictures of the delectable cheese and chocolate due to the fact that I was too busy swooning over the gooey goodness, but I did snap a few pictures of our littlest dining companions.

The morning of The Big Race, A and I loaded up the boys and drove to the finish line to cheer on our husbands. There was a lot going on so the boys were fairly content to hang out in their strollers and wait for their daddies to finish the race.

While waiting for the guys to get to the finish line, I decided to take a few practice shots of the runners ahead of them. I was so busy focusing on my camera settings that I didn't realize until after I'd snapped the pictures that a couple of my practice shots were of friends of ours.

Finally, after much watching and waiting, we saw Aaron approaching.

As he got closer and heard our cheers, he gave us his customary look of squinty confusion. Meanwhile, WE were feeling a bit confused because where was his running partner?

Aaron informed us that D's knee had started giving him trouble around mile 8, so D had slowed to a walk while Aaron continued on with the run. Poor A was pretty worried for awhile because we couldn't get ahold of her dearly beloved. He wound up finding a short-cut and walking the rest of the way.

And then there was sweet reunion between father and son. And Wyatt didn't even seem to mind the fact that his daddy was all sweaty.

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