Tuesday, March 22, 2011

out of the mouth of ethan

Meet Ethan. Ethan is our exuberant 6 year old. He is very athletic, social, and sweet. He seems to have a bit of difficulty hearing what people are actually saying, which, while it can be incredibly frustrating at times, is also frequently the source of laughter for those around him.

The following quotes are from when Ethan was 3.

Ethan: "Mom, I need a t-shirt! The chipmunks are getting stuck on my jammies!"
(referring to wood chips)

Ethan: "Maya hurt my chubby!"
(holding his cheeks)

And one more just because I'm feeling generous.

Me: "Ethan, simmer down!"
Ethan: "Mom, why did you tell me to super super hero down?"

Just try to go through the rest of your day without telling someone to "super super hero down."

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