Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2010 state fair {minnesota}

The Great Minnesota Get-Together. Where the general public pays, with money, to weave their way in and out of great throngs of sweaty people so that they can wander through smelly animal exhibits, shake hands with a (hopefully not) corrupted politician or two, go on a few overpriced rides, play a few overpriced games and, of course, stuff their faces with all sorts of overpriced cuisine. Most of which comes on a stick. And let's be honest. The food? Is the real reason the masses keep coming back. From the cheese curds to the pronto pups to the roasted corn on the cob, it's all delicious. Well, it's almost all delicious. Fried bacon on a stick? Pass.
Now this however, is worth coming back for. Strawberries and cream crepe. Swoon. This was one of our first food stops of the day. It came shortly after the cheese curds and lemonade. Which came at about 9AM. Why? Because we went to the fair with crazy people (I'm looking at you A).

Despite the fact that it was early September when we went, the day was relatively chilly. Wyatt spent some time warming up by cuddling in his daddy's jacket.
In heritage square, Miss I charmed the socks off of this unsuspecting gentelman.

We had to make a stop in the Miracle of Birth barn. We saw baby cows, sheep, pigs and goats. Aaron may or may not have actually managed to convince some poor souls that he was working at the fair and fed them a line of baloney about goats.

We've been to the fair a number of times before and somehow have always missed the fact that it was home to a place bearing my husband's nickname, The Blue Flame. If you're wondering how my husband wound up with that nickname, let me give you a hint. Think "gas" and lighters.

This girly waited very patiently to do some high jumping. All the waiting was worth it however. It was likely her favorite 5 minutes of the whole day.

Miss O was perfectly happy just hanging out wherever we were.
G was still smiling even after an entire day in the stroller.

Our very last food stop of the day was for cookies and milk. We opted for a "small" order of cookies rather than an entire bucket this time. And they were delightful.

*Disclaimer: I don't know why the text isn't all the same. It is driving me batty. But not batty enough to spend the time to fix it.

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  1. Love this post! I would have opted for the bigger batch of cookies tho' and bacon on a stick, oh yeah!